Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mega Game Fun: New Games Added

Mega Game Fun has 12 new games added. I will be adding more games in the near future. I will also be updating all the game pages, with a new look to match Mega Game Fun. So there will be alot of new things to come. I have listed the 12 new games that was added today, so drop on by Mega Game Fun and see how good you can do with these new games.

Play Dodge Brawl
Play Art Theif
Play Blow Stuff Up
Play Clay Pigeon
Play Sling Shot
Play Stan Skates
Play Alien Attack
Play Space Escape
Play Cube Buster
Play Zed
Play Crash Down
Play Drive Like A Kennedy

Friday, July 28, 2006

Mega Game Fun Update

Mega Game Fun site has been updated with a new look, and a new Casino Game section has been added on the Online games page. For those of you who like to try your luck with Casino's, Poker, Dice, Bingo games, I have added some great programs to the list. I will be adding more as time pass.

I will also be adding some new online games for the kids, and kids at heart. I have been trying new games for this purpose, and will be adding them a few at a time. I will also be dropping a couple games from the list on the site now.

Take a look at the new homepage here at:

Mega Game Fun

Mega Game Fun Admin,
Ed Tyner

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Game: Missing Link 2004

Missing Link 2004 is sorta like a matching game where the objects are flipped upside down and you have to flip to find a pair. On this game the images on the coins does not match, but if you flip fast enough you can find all the pairs that go together. I found alittle strategy that worked great to round 4 of this game, but that's as far as I've been able to get. The game is a well designed game, and easy to play. Like I mention above all you have to do is find the pairs that go together. To flip the coins, click left mouse button. You are trying to be a timer, so be fast. Try Missing Link 2004 here at Mega Game Fun and see how good you can do. Enjoy!

Play Missing Link 2004

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Game: Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger is a pretty cool game. It's well designed and easy to play. Your goal is to move your disco ball from 1 end of the dance floor to the other end without falling off the dance floor. You move you ball with the arrow keys. You can get extra points by collecting coins and other objects you will see as you progress from one end to the other end of the dance floor. I scored 21975 with this game today. Try Harvey Wallbanger here at Mega Game Fun and see how far you can move the disco ball. Enjoy!

Play Harvey Wallbanger

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Game: Writers Block

Writers Block is a word finding game where you are trying to find words on word cube. These words are unscrammbled and can get hard to find. You are giving so much time to find a certain number of words. This is a good game, well designed with great color and easy to play. I got a score of 6900 on this game today, but think I could do better. If you like word games you'll want to try this game. Try Writers Block here at Mega Game Fun and see how good you can do.

Play Writers Block

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Game: Formula Fog

Formula Fog is a racing game. I've always liked racing games and I like this one. The game seems alittle slow with dial up, but still works good. I'm on dial up, and I didn't have any trouble winning the race. This game is a decent designed game, and is real easy to control the car with the arrow keys. I would like to have more cars to race against to give some competition, but still you're racing against one car, and to many mistakes and it will beat you. Try Formula Fog here at Mega Game Fun and see how good you can do at this game. Enjoy!

Play Formula Fog

Monday, July 17, 2006

Game: Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvy is a cool game. This is a well designed game, and easy to play. I normally don't like games like this, but it really is fun to play. Your goal is to bust as many balls as possible in the time you are giving with out letting the chamber fill up. To bust the balls, you have to get 3 or more of the same color balls together and left click on one of the balls and they will all bust. You have to watch because the chamber will rotate and can unmatch your colors, but it also can help you. I scored 27,150 today with this game. Try Topsy Turvy here at Mega Game Fun and see how good you can do. Enjoy!

Play Topsy Turvy

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Game: Clash n Slash

Clash n Slash is a shooting game where you are surrounding a planet and trying to shoot down alien invaders. I like this game, it's well designed, simple to play and you only have to use your mouse to move and left mouse button to shoot. I scored 86,065 on this game this morning and I think many of you could do better. Try Clash n Slash at Mega Game Fun and see how you can do. Enjoy!

Play Clash n Slash

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Game: Snow Boarder XS

Snow Boarder XS is a cool game. I like playing this game, because of the great color and design of the game. The only set back to the game I see is you have to control the snow boarder with the arrow keys, and it makes it alittle hard on the slops. I guess we can't have everything easy, and we don't want every game to be easy, because it would take the fun out of learning and beating a hard game. With Snow Boarder XS you get to try and run the fastest time, while doing tricks and collecting stars for more points. All in all this is a great game, and one you'll enjoy playing time and time again. Try Snow Boarder XS here at Mega Game Fun and see how good you can do. Enjoy!

Play Snow Boarder XS

Monday, July 10, 2006

Game: Flash Man

Flash Man is just like the old Video Game Pac Man. I think the ghost could be a little slower in this game, since you have to control Pac Man with the arrow keys, which makes it harder. Also I think the game screen needs to be smaller to fit the screen better. All in all this is a cool game, with a few things that could be done better. I always enjoyed playing Pac Man as a kid, and will be looking for a better version of this game. So keep a look out. For now, try Flash Man here at Mega Game Fun and see how good you can do. Enjoy!

Play Flash Man

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game: Hoops

Hoops is a tough game, but fun. This is a basketball game, where you are trying to make it to the other end of the court to have a chance at 3 shots. You have to be careful while making your way down court, because the opposite team is trying to steal the ball. You can only have the ball stolen 3 times and the game is over. If you are lucky enough to make it down court for your 3 free shots, you'll find that these 3 shots are tricky to make. You are given a power meter which you want to set in the green to make your shot. You are also given a direction arrow, which you set to shoot straight. You set the direction of your ball by clicking the X key, and holding to set the power meter. When you see the power meter in the green, release the X key and the ball will shoot. Try Hoops here at Mega Game Fun and see how high you can score. Enjoy!

Play Hoops